Version 7 of the Barebones Recorder has been released. More functions, including flexible encoding bitrate. Special introductory price of $74.99! Click here for more information.

Barebones Audio Recorder

Client-side audio capture and conversion to MP3.

This recorder captures user audio, converts to MP3 format on the client side, then uploads to the server.

Try the recorder here:

Documentation of the recorder API

Download a trial version

Trial Version (zip file)

This version will allow you to record, but when saving, it will save only 10 seconds of your recording. It is otherwise identical to the full licensed version.

Licensing Information

A single-domain license costs $99. To purchase a license, fill out and return the software license agreement, then remit payment to my PayPal account (

The source code is also available under a separate license. Contact me for details.

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New! The Visual Recorder!

Do you need something more visual? Try the Visual Recorder, available now for only $49.99.

Think "Audacity in a web page."